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Guest post: Five tips to become a successful social media specialist

If you love using social networks, you might have considered making it your career. The benefits of using sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be massive for brands, and more and more job opportunities are appearing for individuals who know how to use them to boost sales and increase business awareness. As you might imagine though, it’s a competitive industry and involves so much more than just chatting to people all day on the Internet.

Follow these five tips to help you become a highly employable and respected social media specialist.

Build your portfolio by running campaigns.

Just like any line of work, you need to show that you can deliver results. This can be difficult when you’re first getting started, but it certainly isn’t impossible. You could volunteer to do some freelancing work for a local charity or small business, or even run a campaign for a blog or website that you own. This sort of experience will stand you in good stead when it comes to applications and interviews.

Improve your knowledge every day.

The world of social media is ever changing, and if you want to get ahead, you need to actively seek out new knowledge each and every day. It doesn’t have to be as formal as sitting down with a textbook, but you could identify a few blogs or online resources that break all the latest news. Check these daily for five minutes to stay up to date.

Get experience in other areas of business.

To be a successful social media specialist, you need to have a good understanding of almost all areas of the business. You need to know how it fits into the overall marketing mix, how a company’s finances work, some sales techniques, and pretty much everything in between. The great news about this is all work experience can work out as an advantage. From trainee jobs to specialist roles in other areas of the business, they can all add to your skillset and be relevant to future social media positions.

Hone your writing skills.

Writing is a key skill for a social media specialist. Your responsibilities are likely to include the company blog, and of course, writing updates for social accounts. As such, it’s important that you not only have an excellent grasp of the basics such as spelling and punctuation, but that you also can write to sell and understand the theories of copywriting. To get in some valuable practice, try writing your own blog in a subject you’re interested in, or contribute to guest blogs on your favorite topics.

Build a strong presence on social networks.

Your personal brand is very important. To increase your chances of standing out, and even being headhunted by recruiters, make sure that you have a strong personal presence. It goes without saying that your updates should be professional and insightful, and should never paint you in a questionable light.

There is no formal route in social media roles, so you really can get creative when it comes to securing a job in this field. Following these tips, you’ll be able to increase your chances of showing potential employers just how well you’re able to perform in such a role.

Have you ever thought about pursuing this profession? What tips would you share with others who wish to do the same?

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