15 Oct

Guest post: What does it take to go viral? [Infographic]

With the overwhelming popularity of social media, online sharing is probably the hottest trend to ever hit the Internet. Seems like everyone is posting and pinning. Billions of people are logging onto their favorite social sites and this has forever changed our daily lives and business practices.

Whether people are checking up on their friends, posting videos of cats playing the piano, sharing their favorite recipe or exchanging business ideas, this venue is the place where it is occurring the most. In a world where the word “selfie” was recently added into our dictionary, why is one famous person’s picture seen by a few hundred people, while celebrities like Ellen Degeneres shot with her friends at the Oscars broke records and overheated internet servers? How did a Grumpy Cat become more popular than all the cute and cuddly kittens online? Why does some material get a quick glance while other content explodes onto screens all across the country and sometimes even around the globe? Why do some things flop and others fly, online?

To answer these questions and many more, take a look at this powerful infographic and see how to amplify your content and reach an even bigger audience online!