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Guest post: What is your prep genre?

This guest post was written by my colleague Sarah Fudin, who currently works in community relations for the University of Southern California’s Masters of Education and Masters of Social Work programs delivered online. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys running, reading and all genres of preppy. Follow her on Twitter @sarahfudin.

I was inspired to write this post after Erica (J. Moss) and Jenn (both colleagues of mine at 2U) bombarded me with questions about, “How to dress preppy?” First of all, I was floored that my style and taste had garnered any attention, as I generally stick to bright colors, a few brands I have minor obsessions with and second-hand stores while I’m piecing together my wardrobe — nothing super unique.

I would say that most of my colleagues in the social media space are generally inherently passionate and excited about whatever they’re talking about, and so this random Thursday in July inspired us to create none other than a Google Doc (duh, we love to share!) with some “preppy guidelines.” This list not only turned into a few pages in our new doc, but inspired my new favorite day of the week in the office, “Preppy Friday.” Throw out casual Friday cuz Preppy Friday is a whole lot more fun… especially if your wardrobe is already apparently perfect!

If you are even remotely inspired to take part in the loveliest day in the office (according to me), I’ve put together some handy guidelines to pulling off your preppy look! Get excited, because there are a few genres of preppy (according to me!) and you should dress whichever way you feel most comfortable or, of course, feel free to suggest a new day of the week — Emo Monday anyone? Tweed Tuesday?

The Beachy New England Prep

I’ve got this one down to a science — this is what I would consider my personal preppy genre, unless, of course, I’m feeling a little more “Tuity Fruity” (we’ll get there). If you love Nantucket red, navy stripes, sailing (or the illusion of being a sailor), boat shoes, tote bags, ties/belts with critters, and khakis of different colors, this one’s for you! See you at the beach!

Your most favorite brand: Vineyard Vines

If you had a dog: Golden Retriever

My Desk is Mahogany Prep

Do you love classic prints? Is your wardrobe full of classic colors? Do you wear loafers, or at least own a pair? Do you wish most of your shoes had tassels on them? Do you love pearls or cuff links? Most likely you have a boyish crew cut or you love to wear headbands that make you look like a grown-up about to jump on a school bus for your first day of school. You’re classic, and you never go out of style! See you on the polo field!

Your most cherished brand: Ralph Lauren

If you had a dog: French Bulldog

I Live in Brooklyn Prep

Okay, you don’t have to live in Brooklyn, but I’m writing as a Manhattan-ite (is that a word?), so I’m using the best example I can. Do you put little effort into your wardrobe, but still manage to throw on khakis or jeans rolled up to your ankles and perhaps you’ve dabbled in boat shoes? Do you love plaid shirts… but I’m not talking flannel, I’m talking J.Crew! Your plain colored T-shirts worn out by the sun (or other people owning them first) make you seem lax, but those Ray Bans don’t fool anyone! See you at the Biergarten!

Your favorite preppy shoes: Sperry Top-Sider

If you had a dog: Really cute rescue dog

Tuity Fruity  

You may love the beach, but you may not be able to decide if you’d rather go to the beach, buy a new sun dress (or bow tie), or sip on a Malibu bay breeze. You love critter shorts, can’t get enough of bright colors, and couldn’t give a hoot about color blocking — bright colors all go together! You look great tailgating at football games and seem to always have the perfect coloring; the sun loves you — cute freckles or flawless color, whatever it is, you’re looking good! See you on your yacht, since I wish I had one!

If you’re a girl, you live by: Lilly Pulitzer

If you had a dog: Chocolate Lab

No matter what your genre of prep is, just make sure you do what you like and like what you do, cuz every day should feel this good (#EDSFTG)!

Original artwork created specifically for this post by Sarah Fudin.

  • AshleyBo

    Love it…Thanks for sharing! My go to outfit this summer has been my RL oxford shirt and J.Crew madras skirt! #preppylove

    • Sarah

      You are totally a “My Desk is Mahogany Prep!” Love it!

    • https://ericajmoss.com Erica Moss

      Ashleyboe, you said you used to be even more preppy back in the day; I’d love to see some photographic evidence of this. :)

  • Jeffrey Fudin

    Love the post. I’m getting ready to visit “the outlets”; guess I need to borrow Sarah. Isn’t it great when Dad can learn from daughter. By the way…sporting a Vineyard Vines tie from Sarah as I type this. Thanks for keeping me young and Preppy Sarah!

    • Sarah

      Thanks Dad :) I bet you look so Beachy New England today!

    • https://ericajmoss.com Erica Moss

      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, Mr. Fudin! Sarah helps keep all of us here at 2tor young and preppy, too.

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