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Social media for social good [Infographic]

Social media has fundamentally changed the way people today communicate. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can amplify an individual’s message to hundreds, even thousands of people.

Besides the obvious business implications of these types of tools, they can also be used to effect change. Nonprofits and groups promoting social causes, even those with limited budgets, can raise money, find volunteers and truly make a global impact through social media.

Some of my favorite social media for social good case studies come from PR pro and all-around awesome person, Sarah Evans. In 2009, when her trusted community crisis center found itself in a raise-money-or-close-the-doors situation, Sarah stepped up to the plate, organizing an awareness campaign called “Crisis Overnight.” With a simple message, specific call-to-action, a website and social media outreach, this initiative helped collect more than $150,000 in three weeks.

Later, she was part of a team that netted $70,000-plus for the #beatcancer campaign, which set a Guinness World Record for most social mentions in 24 hours. Spirit Jump, Bright Pink, Alex’s Lemonade and Stand UP to Cancer all benefited from these fundraising efforts, and the visibility gained will no doubt continue to positively impact these organizations.

A recent infographic from [email protected], the University of North Carolina School of Government’s online Master of Public Administration, shines a spotlight on the topic of social media for social good, outlining some noteworthy campaigns and exploring emerging trends in charitable giving.

Social Media For Social Good

[email protected]: Online MPA

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